Stop Lock Steering Wheel



Fits All Cars Except: Fiat Panda Mk3; Jaguar X-Type; Peugeot 108, 208, 2008, 308, 3008, 5008, Rifter; Subaru XV, Toyota Aygo 2013+ and CHR.

Stop thieves. You love your car and it’s probably your most prized possession after your home, but thieves don’t care.

They want your precious motor and they have found ways to easily bypass electronic locking systems.

Your car could be stolen in just a few seconds.

Solution buys a tried and trusted Stop lock steering wheel lock because sometimes simplicity works fine.

This toughened physical and visual deterrent clamps to.

Extends past, the steering wheel and catches either on the driver legs or the windscreen preventing the thief from being able to steer the car.

There’s a Stop lock model for almost every vehicle, Coupe, Van, SUV, MPV, 4×4 or Estate.

Quality built to last, fully attack tested, highly resistant to a wide range of power tools and winner of motoring Magazine awards, peace of mind has never been simpler.

In use quick and easy to attach in a few seconds, compact enough to keep in the boot, supplied with a pair of keys – replacements can be purchased by quoting the key code and with up to 10,000 combinations.

Visibility each version has either a bright yellow bar or a flashing LED which deters thieves and encourages them to move on to a more vulnerable vehicle on the street or in the car park.