Demon Shine Spray on Shine 5L



CarPlan CDS005 Demon Shine Spray on Shine 5L

No time for waxing find polishing boring Use Demon Shine – simply spray on the shine for a wicked shine – it’s that easy!

CarPlan Demon Shine is a revolutionary top-gloss shine treatment simply spray on, wipe over – that’s it! You won’t be disappointed!

REFILL PACK for use with your 1 Litre Spray Trigger Bottle.  Simply pour the formula into your trigger bottle.  No dilution required… It really is that easy!


    • No pressure washer required
    • Easy to use spray application
    • Top-gloss shine


Always wash your car with a quality car shampoo (Demon Foam) – no need to dry first. Spray on Demon Shine sparingly to one panel at a time. Wipe over with a microfibre cloth until the solution disappears. That’s it – do nothing – step back and admire the shine!