4x Valve Caps Antitheft Lock For Volkswagen



VOLKSWAGEN GOLF POLO TOUAREG Anti Theft Locking Dust Caps Valve Tyre Wheel BLACK

Add a touch of class to your car with our sleek and beautifully designed pieces of showy accessory for all us car lovers. Once on your anti-theft locking tyre caps are on, they look stunning. Simply put….’its a MUST HAVE’.


  • Brand New
  • High Quality
  • Anti theft style with Allen key
  • Scratch resistant resin logo
  • Polished chrome steel valve caps
  • Rubber O-ring to prevent air leaks
  • Universal fittings for all Volkswagen models
  • Hexagon design
  • Includes 4 dust caps and Alan key

These Anti-theft locking tire valve stem caps with standard thread screw-on. Each cap each features a built-in O-ring rubber seal that keeps air from leaking out and create a stronger, more stable seal when they’re screwed on.


Package Includes:

  • x4 Valve caps
  • x4 Anti theft screws
  • x1 Allen Key / Hex key